Aje and The Master Key

Release Date: August 5th, 2019
Where to Purchase: https://www.daydreamalston.com/store/aje-and-the-master-key-ebook

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‘Aje and The Master Key’…

is a story that came to me as I sat in meditation of the Orisa Esu Odara and his function in the Ifa tradition. I was fascinated by the contradictory nature of the deity (the one who can do and undo) and his ability to call attention to our actions. When we choose to ignore taboos and forgo sacrifice we call on the trickery of Esu Odara. When we are obedient and align with destiny we reap the benefits.

In our life, we face many doors and hold many keys, but only one unlocks our true destiny.

After a botched suicide attempt, Aje is still depressed, confused, and ready to try again. Her confusion heightens when the love of her life, Stan, pleas for a second chance to do right by her. But despite his professions of love and change, her spirit senses something dark within him and her Baba knows the same.

As a follower of Ifa, Aje has learned to trust it wholly. Yet she constantly ignores this specific warning and her suffering intensifies.

When her childhood friend Ty confesses his feelings for her, she’s now trapped between choosing powerful passion or faithful stability. Amid this destructive turmoil, Orisha Esu Odara helps her gain the clarity she prays for and she soon learns that the right choice would require a triple sacrifice.

By tugging on the threads of consciousness and testing many doors, Aje is led on a path of self-discovery that finally allows her to heal, grow, and embody her highest self.