Tarot Lessons: Temperance

The tarot is a great tool for garnering insight. It often calls me out on my bullshit and pushes me to evolve beyond limited ways of thinking and being. Having the tarot is like having a friend who isn't afraid to tell you EXACTLY like it is. Tarot isn't concerned with tact or your feelings.

Since I've begun familiarizing myself with the tarot one particular card has fallen again and again. That card is Temperance

Visually Temperance has a soothing presence. It depicts an angel, standing with one foot submerged in water and the other on land. He/She holds two cups, mixing two elixirs. There is a path behind the angel that leads to a gold crown sitting above mountain peaks. 

Temperance has come, gently nudging me to actively seek balance and harmony within my being. It reminds me that my journey is extremely personal and that it is up to me to find the right mixture for moving forward boldly. Temperance reminds me of the importance of balancing my emotional awareness with logic and practicality. Hence, one foot in water and the other on earth.

It also indicates that victory and enlightenment will be found on this path. 

I am grateful for the messages I receive from spirit via the tarot. Moment by moment, day by day I am evolving and Temperance is being used to aid in my growth. 

In what ways has divination helped you evolve?