Getting out of a sticky situation...

For the next few months, I will choose a card from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

3 of Wands-Getting out of a sticky situation

Eventually, each of us will find ourselves in a situation that calls for cunning and quick maneuvers. We have here a message which suggests that one is surrounded by unscrupulous characters. There is an attack brewing. Be vigilant and ready to defend yourself or retreat if need be. This sticky situation or attack doesn’t signify the end. Though we are vulnerable there is help coming. It is important to remember that we are not alone. We do not stand alone. We do not fight alone. A cowboy like figure is shown riding in as if to the rescue. This figure may indicate our ancestral forces or our living allies. They are coming forward to protect us. We simply need to call on them. Do you feel comfortable asking for help? Who do you trust to stand for you in times of trouble? No matter what your situation looks like at the moment, help is on the way.

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