Are you Ready?

For the next few months, I will choose a card from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

7 of Chalices-Are you ready?

She stands in a lush garden surveying the cups/chalices that lay before her. Each chalice represents an opportunity for emotional fulfillment or disappointment. She has options. In her choosing of one cup, she will neglect another. All of her desires can be found at her feet.  

When faced with a number of choices how does one choose? How do we know which cup will yield the desired result?

I don’t think we understand the importance of making choices that are aligned with our destiny. One wrong move can propel us in a direction that is detrimental to our wellbeing. While one right move can lead to great success.

The key in choosing correctly is knowing what you truly desire. Buried deep down inside you know exactly what you want. The truth lies within your being. Stillness, prayer, and divination are all tools that can align you with this knowledge.

Being clear about what you want in any given moment provides a clear path to abundance. It triggers your will and inner fire. Being confident in one's desire sends a signal to our spiritual allies that we are ready to receive abundance. Are you ready?


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