The Enemy Within

For the next few months, I will choose a card from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

The Moon & 5 of Chalices- The Enemy Within

It’s easy to look around and identify those people and situations that are burdensome to us. It’s not as easy to identify ourselves as the enemy; as the cause of our own demise. The enemy within comes as negative self-talk. It comes as doubt, fear, lack of confidence, and self-deprecation. It comes as confusion, comparing one’s self to others, and depression. The enemy within is a formidable opponent. The enemy within is the most dangerous opponent you will ever face and make no mistake this will be the most important battle of your life.

The enemy within can only be defeated or neutralized by your inner warrior. (Yes, they occupy the same space.) Tap into your warrior energy. Call on it when the enemy starts to plant seeds of doubt in your mind. Fight for your peace. Fight for your well being. Nothing is more important.

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