Trust Your Ase

Trust Your Ase

Almost 5 years ago I came across the Ifa tradition. It’s been a wonderful and wild ride that I wouldn’t trade for the world. In the early stages, I spent a great deal of time running from place to place seeking information about the tradition. In my seeking, I came across unscrupulous characters and fraudulent information. I was so desperate to gather knowledge that I ignored my better judgment. I am not upset by this. It is part of the process.

Nowadays I am more discerning in my search for knowledge. I’m not thirsty for information. I will not blindly follow anyone who claims to be a Priest, Priestess, or expert. That’s the thing about life. Without those experiences, I wouldn’t be as confident as I am now. Olodumare continues to mold my character and for that I am grateful.

The most important lesson I’ve learned throughout this process is to trust my Ase. In trusting my Ase I am trusting my higher consciousness, my personal power, and my will. I am trusting that I am one with the source of the universe. The source being an ocean of consciousness, me being a tiny drop in that vast ocean. I trust that I am a co-creator. I trust that there is power in my word and will. I trust that I am a mighty force of nature here to fulfill an awesome destiny.

Instead of chasing, pushing, or desperately seeking knowledge; I pray, I listen to my inner knowing and go in the direction of my Ori. There will always be a place for elders and the passing down of knowledge. Yet, we must remember that we too possess an innate knowledge.

Be still. Trust your Ase.


The Choice is Yours

This is the end of the intuitive writing series. Thank You for rocking with me! I hope these messages have resonated with your spirit and empowered you. Blessings.

2 of Wands + 2 of Pentacles + 4 of Cups

The twos usually make their appearance when duality is present. Where there is conflicting energy you will find the 2s. Such is the nature of life. All we experience on Earth is a combination of what we perceive as good and bad, highs and lows. It is unavoidable. There would be no true understanding of one energy without its opposite. The 2 of wands is the energy of vision. What is your vision for the future? What do you want your legacy to be? The 2 of Pentacles shows movement; a frenzy of sorts. In the midst of your daily comings and goings embrace stillness and meditation. Make time to chill so that you can hear, see, and feel the messages that are meant for you. It is in the quiet moments when spirit communicates most clearly. Allow them to come forward and communicate the truth that lies within your heart. Balance between movement & stillness is important at this time. This balance will allow you the freedom to envision your future and the steps you must take to get there.

The 4  of cups can indicate dissatisfaction with the offers coming in at this time. If you are unhappy with what’s coming into your life, make the adjustments needed to attract better. What are you willing to do to attract what you envision? Identify the areas in your life where more balance is needed. Are you ready & willing to step into your power and make shit happen? The choice is yours. It always has been.

P.S. I also see that you are to allow the innocence of youth and animals to penetrate your being. Play and have fun! This will help to settle any restlessness.


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Embrace the End...

We’re coming to the end of the intuitive writing series. For the next few weeks, I’ll choose cards from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

9 of Wands + The World

You’ve been through the storm. You’ve endured hardship after hardship. What could go wrong, has gone wrong. And yet you are still standing. Due to the pain of the past you are on the offensive. Waiting for a repeat performance of past disappointments. You are battle tested and weary. The warrior in you stands tall, waiting to defend its territory. The end of this cycle is approaching. Embrace the end. The fight and struggle you’ve become so accustomed to is passing away. You can let down your guard. You no longer have to anticipate the the worst. Things are shifting for the better. Allow yourself to lighten up. Be vulnerable. Open your heart. All is well.

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Mecury Retrograde, Again?!?

We’re coming to the end of the intuitive writing series. For the next few weeks, I’ll choose cards from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

8 of Swords + 5 of Pentacles + The Magician

Shit is real in these streets. We are all experiencing some level of frustration. Mercury is retrograde yet again. Confusion and discord abound. People stumble along blindly trying to find their way. Aggravation, worry, and despondence are inevitable. They will enter but it’s our job to ensure that they do not take up residence.

Shit is real in these streets but the way you perceive your current situation is only making it worse. The victim mentality creates a prison for those who indulge in it. Are you imprisoning yourself with negative thinking? Are you the cause of your own bondage? Have you been feeling hopeless? Do you focus on what you lack? If you answered yes to any of these questions, know you are not alone. The struggle is universal.

The truth is each one of us has the ability to exert our will to bring forth change. The Magician comes forth to remind us that even though shit is real we have the POWER to shift situations and circumstances. We have been blessed with the ability to act as co-creators here on earth. What do you want to create? Break free of excessive worry, fear, confusion, and feelings of lack. Break free from bondage and be the magician.

Be the Magician.

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Will You Heed the Call?

We’re coming to the end of the intuitive writing series. For the next few weeks, I’ll choose cards from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

Knave of Swords + High Priestess

There are times when we are asked to walk by faith. The spirits urge, poke and prod us. Pushing us towards the unfamiliar. We take tentative steps, hoping to gain clarity along the way. Self doubt, negative self talk and fear come from every angle. Can I do this? Is this the right choice? Maybe, I shouldn’t. The inner dialogue repeats in an endless loop. And yet, you continue to walk unsure of where you will end up.

Will you heed the call? The call of your consciousness to walk in a new direction? The loud, boisterous call coming from the depths of your soul. Will you? The cards are saying that new information is coming in. Your thoughts, ideas and insights are triggering inner knowings. Things that you’ve never considered before are calling to you. Will you heed the call? Your soul knows which direction you should take. Will you heed the call? There is something big calling you, something new. Push through your hesitation and your fear of the unknown.  

Go towards your destiny. Ase.

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