'Aje and The Master Key' ebook is now available for purchase!

The day has finally arrived!

After months of toil my new ebook ‘Aje and The Master Key’ is now available for purchase here>>>

In this novella, our main character Aje is still reeling from a botched suicide attempt and finds herself in the midst of a messy love triangle. Distraught, she calls on West-African trickster deity Esu Odara for assistance and subsequently embarks on a life-changing journey.


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'Aje and The Master Key' Snippet

I am extremely excited to share my newest work of art. ‘Aje and The Master Key’ is a story that came to me as I sat in meditation of the Orisa Esu Odara and his function in the Ifa tradition. I was fascinated by the contradictory nature of the deity (the one who can do and undo) and his ability to call attention to our actions. When we choose to ignore taboos and forgo sacrifice we call on the trickery of Esu Odara. When we are obedient and align with destiny we reap the benefits. Enjoy the following excerpt!

Release Date: August 5th, 2019

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Esu and Aje are sitting on the couch. Aje has no idea how they got there. They hadn’t walked. 

“Aje, do you know what’s needed in order to make good choices? Tell me what it is.”

Aje sits pondering the question. “Ummm, I guess you need to know what you want and have the courage to pursue it.”

Esu nods.“Yes, you must be clear about what it is you desire. You must deliberate carefully and decide. What do you want Aje?”

There’s no hesitation in Aje’s response. “I’m in love with Stan, Baba. I want to be with him.”

“Are you sure my child? Have you sat in deliberation of the matter?”

“Well, yes. I know I love him. I just wish he were different.”

“The only behavior you can control is your own.”

“I know Baba.” Aje responds with a sigh.

“What do you want Aje?”

“I want Stan, I love him.”

Without warning, Aje is thrust into darkness, it feels as if she’s been pulled at high speed into another space. Her living room has disappeared. She stands in the void beside Esu. Darkness surrounds them. There is what looks like an ethereal stream of water manifesting before them. Its turquoise glow is mesmerizing.

 Esu senses Aje’s fear and takes her hand.“All is well. No fear.” he smiles. “This stream of consciousness possesses all the choices at your disposal at any given time. In a singular moment, you have the option of making a multitude of choices and they are all represented right here.”

Aje looks on in shock. “All of my choices are here in this stream?” 

“Yes.” Esu takes his index finger and places it in the stream. He moves it horizontally. The water begins to spread into what looks like a collection of delicate threads. He places the tip of his finger on one thread and pulls it forward. It becomes a projection of a period of time.

Aje’s mouth is now hanging open.“That’s mmm, me.” she stutters. 

“Yes, it is you. It’s you right before you called for my help. At that moment you could have chosen to do many other things.”

Aje watches herself in disbelief. Esu pulls forwards another thread which shows Aje crying herself to sleep instead of praying. And yet another thread that shows her calling Stan and begging him to come back. Aje can barely believe her eyes.

“Are you ready?” Esu asks gaily. 

Aje looks at him confused. “Ready for what Baba?”

He smiles. His face dissolves. 

She is moving at high speed again, spiral-shaped galaxies surround her. When Aje emerges she is lying in bed next to Stan. He awakes, pulls her close and goes back to sleep. Aje is where she wants to be, in the arms of the man she loves.   


New Ebook!


If I’ve never said this before let me start by saying Thank You. Thank You for supporting my work. It’s truly a blessing.

I’m excited to share that I’ll be releasing a new Ebook entitled ‘Aje and The Master Key’ next month. In this novella, our main character Aje, who is still reeling from a botched suicide attempt finds herself in the midst of a love triangle gone bad. She calls on West-African trickster deity Esu for assistance and subsequently embarks on a life-changing journey.

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