Will You Heed the Call?

We’re coming to the end of the intuitive writing series. For the next few weeks, I’ll choose cards from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

Knave of Swords + High Priestess

There are times when we are asked to walk by faith. The spirits urge, poke and prod us. Pushing us towards the unfamiliar. We take tentative steps, hoping to gain clarity along the way. Self doubt, negative self talk and fear come from every angle. Can I do this? Is this the right choice? Maybe, I shouldn’t. The inner dialogue repeats in an endless loop. And yet, you continue to walk unsure of where you will end up.

Will you heed the call? The call of your consciousness to walk in a new direction? The loud, boisterous call coming from the depths of your soul. Will you? The cards are saying that new information is coming in. Your thoughts, ideas and insights are triggering inner knowings. Things that you’ve never considered before are calling to you. Will you heed the call? Your soul knows which direction you should take. Will you heed the call? There is something big calling you, something new. Push through your hesitation and your fear of the unknown.  

Go towards your destiny. Ase.

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