Will You Heed the Call?

We’re coming to the end of the intuitive writing series. For the next few weeks, I’ll choose cards from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

Knave of Swords + High Priestess

There are times when we are asked to walk by faith. The spirits urge, poke and prod us. Pushing us towards the unfamiliar. We take tentative steps, hoping to gain clarity along the way. Self doubt, negative self talk and fear come from every angle. Can I do this? Is this the right choice? Maybe, I shouldn’t. The inner dialogue repeats in an endless loop. And yet, you continue to walk unsure of where you will end up.

Will you heed the call? The call of your consciousness to walk in a new direction? The loud, boisterous call coming from the depths of your soul. Will you? The cards are saying that new information is coming in. Your thoughts, ideas and insights are triggering inner knowings. Things that you’ve never considered before are calling to you. Will you heed the call? Your soul knows which direction you should take. Will you heed the call? There is something big calling you, something new. Push through your hesitation and your fear of the unknown.  

Go towards your destiny. Ase.

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Stop & Smell The Roses...

At times I move so quickly and I want so desperately those things which I do not yet possess, that I forget to enjoy the journey. I forget to enjoy and embrace the moments that I find myself in. I become so focused on where I want to be that I virtually ignore where I am. There is beauty in the moment. There is beauty in the moment. There is beauty in the moment. Never forget it. 

The Turtle & The Crow

Turtle moved tentatively down the road. Towards the sun. He wanted to move faster. He always wanted to move faster. It didn’t matter that he was a turtle. He could see all of the wonderful things taking place down the road and that is where he wanted to be.

“Ugh”, Turtle sighed. “If only I could run like the others.” In the distance, Turtle could see a jubilee in progress. People were jumping, dancing, and laughing.

“At this rate, I will never make it there. The party will go on without me.” Turtle stated with a frown.

He walked and walked and walked. His progress was labored. Turtle thought of the jubilee and of all the fun he was missing. This angered him. “It is so unfair.” Turtle said. “Why should I be cursed with these stumpy legs?”

Turtle continued on his journey. All the way, feeling angry and sorry for himself. In the distance ribbons danced in the wind, bubbles floated up into the atmosphere, children played.

Turtle was so distracted by the jubilee that he failed to see the beauty that surrounded him. He was blinded by thoughts of the future. All the while ignoring the gifts of the present.

To the left and right of Turtle there were endless fields of lavender flowers. Blades of glowing green grass topped with fragrant flowers. He could not see this beauty for he was mesmerized by what lied ahead.

Turtle walked and walked and walked in a state of total despondency.

Crow landed in front of turtle and squawked “Where are you headed Turtle?”. “To the jubilee.” Turtle answered hurriedly. “Oh", squawked Crow, “Have you noticed the lavender flowers that are in bloom? Don’t they smell delightful?”

“I have no time for such silliness Crow, I must get to the jubilee.” replied the turtle.

Crow’s smile faded as she replied “I see. Turtle did it ever occur to you that this place is where you are supposed to be. In this moment, on this road, speaking to me. This is all part of the journey and you mustn’t ignore or neglect it. For it is as important as the destination.”

Turtle stopped. He looked at Crow. He looked to his left and then to his right.

“Perhaps you are correct Crow. I shall stop and smell the flowers.” Turtle responded before disappearing into the field of purple and green.

Welcome To My New Website!

Greetings and welcome to my new website!

It was about 6 years ago that I began to feel pulled towards sharing my voice, my wisdom and insights. I started my first blog which eventually led to the writing of my first book.

I didn't realize at the time that I was setting off on a journey of self discovery and self appreciation. My journey has been filled with joy, doubt and troubles. I am grateful for it all. 

Today I welcome you. If you are reading these words, you have become a part of my journey. If you are reading these words, you are alive and treading your own path towards the fulfillment of destiny. Embrace your path and all that you find within each step. If you are unhappy about anything you come across change your course. Live fully, without fear. Heal. Live like this is your last moment. Laugh, play, love. You are worthy of wholeness. You are worthy.