Trust Your Ase

Trust Your Ase

Almost 5 years ago I came across the Ifa tradition. It’s been a wonderful and wild ride that I wouldn’t trade for the world. In the early stages, I spent a great deal of time running from place to place seeking information about the tradition. In my seeking, I came across unscrupulous characters and fraudulent information. I was so desperate to gather knowledge that I ignored my better judgment. I am not upset by this. It is part of the process.

Nowadays I am more discerning in my search for knowledge. I’m not thirsty for information. I will not blindly follow anyone who claims to be a Priest, Priestess, or expert. That’s the thing about life. Without those experiences, I wouldn’t be as confident as I am now. Olodumare continues to mold my character and for that I am grateful.

The most important lesson I’ve learned throughout this process is to trust my Ase. In trusting my Ase I am trusting my higher consciousness, my personal power, and my will. I am trusting that I am one with the source of the universe. The source being an ocean of consciousness, me being a tiny drop in that vast ocean. I trust that I am a co-creator. I trust that there is power in my word and will. I trust that I am a mighty force of nature here to fulfill an awesome destiny.

Instead of chasing, pushing, or desperately seeking knowledge; I pray, I listen to my inner knowing and go in the direction of my Ori. There will always be a place for elders and the passing down of knowledge. Yet, we must remember that we too possess an innate knowledge.

Be still. Trust your Ase.



For the next few months, I will choose a card from the African American Tarot deck as an intuitive writing prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!


In the West African tradition of Ifa, Orisa Sango represents courage. Sango is the energy we tap into when we are paralyzed by fear; unable to progress in love. It is Sango that we call on when we have become stuck in a rut and are afraid to try a different path. Oba ko so. The king did not hang is a chant followers use to connect with this deity.

Susan is in a relationship with Tod. She’s been with Tod for 10 years. Tod is a handful, to say the least. She loves him but he has cheated on multiple occasions and is emotionally abusive. Susan is unhappy with this treatment but stays out of fear that she will end up alone.

Drake has worked as a custodian in a public school since getting his High School diploma. This is not the work he wanted to do but the pay is decent and the benefits are good. Drake gets up and goes to work 6 days a week without excitement. As a youth, he dreamed of becoming a professional piano player. His parents discouraged this saying that he wouldn’t make enough money to take care of himself. Over time Drake became afraid of leaving the stability of his city job and let go of his dreams.

Connecting with Orisa Sango would be a great benefit to Susan and Drake. For in connecting with Sango, one is essentially connecting with their own inner source of strength and courage. Courage = Freedom

In what way is fear blocking your path?

In what area of your life are you stuck and unable to move simply because you are afraid?

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