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Relationships can be such a pleasure and such a pain! They can take me to the highest of heights and the lowest of lows, all in the span of days. What I have learned over time is that love is lifetime work. Each day we have the opportunity to choose love.

The Not-so-Patiently Waiting E-Edition calls on readers to review habits and beliefs that may be blocking love. And it's free! Download your copy today! 

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Spilling My Tea...

Between 2016 & 2017 I spilled onto pages all the joys, pains, successes and failures I experienced. I wrote about letting go of stale love and picking up new love. I wrote about depressive states and suicidal thoughts. I wrote about dreams of becoming a bigger, lighter version of myself and becoming a mother. I spilled it all. My first book of poetry, Reflections, is available at Read a sample and if resonates with your soul, buy a copy.