Initiate Peace

For the next few months, I will choose cards from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

The Lovers + Queen of Swords + 5 of Wands

The cards tell a story. The imagery, numbers, and symbols weave together to provide a vision of what lies ahead. The subconscious calls forth the cards needed to communicate this vision and help us see the truth in our situations. It is our job to tune in and pay attention to the messages that emerge.

This week we find a combination of cards which encourages us to move in the direction of others and to do so lovingly. Venus is now in retrograde. This aspect can put a strain on relationships if we are not conscious of our behaviors and patterns. The Lovers card is a card of merging. The coming together of two souls in the name of love. The sun shines down on the individuals who have made the choice to love. The heavens celebrate their union. During this time allow the energy of the Queen to come in with her clarity and bless your relations. Approach communications clearly and with a sharp mind. Your intelligence will serve you well at this time. Do not allow emotion to overrule your logic. This clarity supports you in moving through this retrograde period smoothly and with little disturbance.

The 5-a number of change indicates that change is coming to your relationships. Change is not always enjoyable but it is a constant, one that we can not avoid. The way to move through this change smoothly is to do so with focus and adaptability. Focus on your prefered outcomes instead of worrying about all that could go wrong. Adapt gracefully instead of holding onto past ways of being. Your blessings are forthcoming only if you prepare for their arrival.

If you want peaceful relationships, initiate peace. If you want balanced relationships, initiate balance. If on the other hand you want to engage in discord, that option is available to you as well. It really is your choice.

Be clear in your intention and send out what you want to attract.

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Let Go and Thrive!

For the next few months, I will choose cards from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

Queen of Pentacles + 5 of Swords + Knave of Chalices

In life, we all experience challenges. There’s no denying it. Contention, discord, fight are all part of the human experience. Yet, there are times when we (you & I) contribute to our own discord.

Emotional immaturity is often at the forefront of this imbalance. The way we perceive and think about experiences is also a catalyst for contention. Examine your emotional processes. Study your own thinking. When you do this, you begin to hone your powers of manifestation. Instead of being a passive participant in life, you become an active participant, a co-creator with the most high.

You begin to call in abundance, resourcefulness, and joy. Let go of that which no longer serves you and your evolution.

Let go and thrive.

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It's a Celebration!

For the next few months, I will choose a card from the African American Tarot deck as a prompt for my blog posts. Let’s see what spiritual insight I come up with!

10 of Chalices-It’s a Celebration!

For months I lived with a roommate I didn’t particularly care for. He was passive aggressive and acted as if his word was law. Whenever I was alone in the space I felt free, light, and comfortable. Anytime he was home I avoided him. It was a very unpleasant way to live.

Throughout the duration of my stay I was looking for another place to live, which isn’t always easy in NYC. I searched and searched. Visiting apartment after apartment hoping to find a place that met my criteria. I was looking for a spot that was comfortable, peaceful, well-kept, affordable and pet-friendly.

One day I went to see a cute little place in Brooklyn. It was on the second floor of a private home right off the F train line. I could see myself living here in comfort. So I completed the application, gathered my documents and sent them off to the realtor. Finally! This was it. I had found my home.

Days passed and the realtor was unable to give me an answer on the status of the application. He indicated that the landlord was evasive because the current tenants were thinking about staying in the apartment after all. He asked that I give him a couple of days to sort things out. This place, though cute was not my home. I was disappointed. Yet, I was sure that it didn’t work out because it was not supposed to. It was not my time to move, even though I was eager to.

When the timing was right and only when the timing was right I was blessed with the opportunity to move into a beautiful place of my own. It is peaceful, pet-friendly, well-kept, and comfortable. It is everything that I’ve wanted!  And the bonus is that it has gorgeous hardwood floors. (I love hardwood floors!) At times the journey is long and arduous. Hold on. There will be cause to celebrate. Your time is coming. 

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Summer Solstice Blessings!!!



Happy Summer Solstice!

We have arrived. After months of cold, dreary weather the sun has graced us with its presence (here in NYC). I am grateful. I came across a writing recently that caused me to stop and ponder its validity. A blogger stated that the solstice often comes with blessings in tow. She encouraged readers to reflect on the prior solstice and all the blessings that came with it. I spent some time in contemplation of this idea and came to the conclusion that she is correct.

Last Summer Solstice I was unemployed, sleeping in a relatives living room and engaged in a dating situation that was going nowhere. Within days of the last summer solstice, I was blessed with 2 competing job offers and a new ultra-loving relationship! And this summer solstice came bearing the gift of an apartment!

What is it about the solstice that makes it such a powerful time for manifestation? Perhaps the answer is found in the fact that this marks a time when the sun is at its zenith. In its fullness, it supports our fullness. At its apex, it supports our apex.

This is not only true for me. I’m sure that it is true for many of you as well. Feel free to share what gifts the Summer Solstice has brought you this year!